Education and workshops


Introduction to Cost-Effectiveness Modelling. A 5 day course designed to equip individuals who have a basic understanding of cost-effectiveness analysis with the skills to build two types of decision analytic cost-effectiveness models; decision trees and Markov models. Course faculty: Dr Richard Edlin (University of Auckland, NZ); Dr Peter Hall (University of Leeds); and PACEOMICS McCabeUniversity of Alberta, Edmonton, AB. May 25-29, 2015.


Regenerative Medicine Translation – a pathway into clinical practice. A workshop wherein key opinion leaders explore the translation, regulatory and reimbursement issues for the novel gene and cell therapy products. A joint workshop co-organized and hosted by PACEOMICS McCabe and Bubela, University of Alberta with Cell Therapy Catapult and the UK NICE. London, UK. Dec 10, 2014.

Driving Regenerative Medicine to the Market and Clinic: An Exploration of Enablers, Impediments and Ethical-Legal Challenges. A workshop investigating a broad range of legal, management, ethical, economic, and social issues associated with the translation and commercialization of regenerative medicine technologies and services. Topics examined include the source and impact of pressures to commercialize research outputs; how decisions are made and reviewed with respect to moving from pre-clinical to clinical research; an examination of the whos, whys, whens and wheres of multi-sectorial collaborations; an exploration of current and potential governance mechanisms related to research and product development; and decision-making and considerations of health system markets that have adopted methods for health technology assessment to ensure that novel therapies are more cost effective than the ones they replace. Co-organized by PACEOMICS Bubela, Gold and Caulfield, and Prof Trudo Lemmons of the University of Toronto. Toronto, ON. Nov 6, 7 2014.

The Future of Gene Patents: Making Sense of the Supreme Court’s Decision in the Myriad Case. A workshop following and building on a US Congressional Briefing on Capitol Hill to analyze policy implications and raise awareness in the wake of the 2013 US Supreme Court ruling on AMP v. Myriad Genetics. Aimed at policy-makers, academics, patient advocacy groups, practitioners and other key stakeholders. Organized by PACEOMICS Gold and Bubela in association with Duke University’s Institute for Genome Science and Policy. Washington DC. Mar 13 2014.

Analyzing Policy Impacts on Biotechnology Innovation Using Patent Data. A workshop focusing on analyzing methods and research approaches, building on the preceding day’s Future of Gene Patents workshop. Aimed at interdisciplinary scholars across law, economics, sociology, public policy, management and organizational sciences, and physical and life sciences. Organized by PACEOMICS Bubela. Washington DC. March 14 2014.

Bayesian Methods in Health Economics. A three day course intending to provide an introduction to Bayesian analysis and MCMC methods using R and BUGS, as applied to cost-effectiveness analysis and typical models used in health economic evaluations. Organized by PACEOMICS McCabe aimed at graduate students, residents and post-doctoral researchers working in academia, public health systems, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, as well as commercial research organizations. University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB. Mar 12-14 2014.


Collaborative Models for Genetic Epidemiological Research in Public Health: Engaging Researchers, Knowledge-Users, Communities and Research Participants – a workshop based on two case studies on biobanks and associated data for studying the genetics of colorectal cancer and training session on legal, regulatory, ethical and commercialization issues. Co-organized by PACEOMICS Bubela and Ms. Lori Knowles and pilot tested at the University of Alberta. Canadian Society of Epidemiology and Biostatistics: CSEB 2013 Conference, St. John’s NL. Jun 24 2013.

Introduction to decision analytic cost-effectiveness modelling course. The first in a series of courses created by PACEOMICS McCabe and held annually in collaboration with international presenters. University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB. Apr 29 2013.

Exploring the unique social/ethical and health systems challenges of low cost whole genome sequencing. A workshop organized by PACEOMICS Caulfield in association with the CIHR. Apr 19 2013.