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Reza Mahjoub, PhD


Post Doctoral Fellow
Reza Mahjoub, PhD

Reza Mahjoub is a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. McCabe’s research group at the University of Alberta. He received his PhD in Management Science from the Ivey Business School at Western University. Reza’s PhD research was focused on investigating the dynamics of health-based pharmaceutical pay-for-performance risk-sharing agreements between third party payers and drug manufacturers. His motivation for research in this area was based on the fact that although risk-sharing agreements are becoming more common, only limited academic research exists on the economics of these agreements. Furthermore, providing insight into the dynamics of these agreements can lead to designing contractual solutions that render the use of these drugs cost-effective.

Currently Reza is working on developing methods for Value of Information analysis in the context of personalized medicine (PM) technologies. In this context, the payer incurs a cost in utilizing the technology to screen for a health condition (e.g., a genetic testing) in addition to incurring the cost of the technology to treat that health condition. He also plans to develop research work on the relationship between the Value of Information and his PhD research, i.e., innovative risk-sharing schemes, for PM technologies. Also, he is working on models for the provision of medical isotopes in Canada. Specifically, his research is focused on designing the optimum network configuration for cyclotrons producing medical isotopes in Canada with taking the interactions between the following parameters into consideration: geographical location, the portfolio of isotopes produced and their half-life, the scale of cyclotron at each location and the degree of excess capacity required to provide security of supply.

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