Timothy Caulfield


Theme leader
Tim Caulfield, LLB, LLM
Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy
Trudeau Fellow
Senior Health Scholar
Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research
Professor, Faculty of Law and School of Public Health
Research Director, Health Law Institute
Law Centre
111 – 89 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2H5
Phone: +780-492-8358
Twitter: #!/caulfieldtim

Tim Caulfield is a Canadian Research Chair in Health Law and Policy, and a Professor in the Faculty of Law and the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta. He was the Research Director of the Health Law Institute at the University of Alberta from 1993 to 2011 and is now leading the Faculty of Law’s Health Law and Science Policy Group (HeaLS). Over the past several years he has been involved in a variety of interdisciplinary research endeavours that have allowed him to publish over 250 articles and book chapters. He is a Health Senior Scholar with the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research and the Principal Investigator for a number of large interdisciplinary projects that explore the ethical, legal and health policy issues associate with a range of topics, including stem cell research, genetics, patient safety, the prevention of chronic disease, obesity policy, the commercialization of research , complementary and alternative medicine and access to health care. Professor Caulfield is and has been involved with a number of national and international policy and research ethics committees, including Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee, Genome Canada’s Science Advisory Committee, and Ethics and Public Policy Committee for the International  Society for Stem Cell Research and the Federal Panel on Research Ethics. He teaches biotechnology in the Faculty of Law and is the editor for the Health Law Journal and Health Law Review. He also writes frequently for the popular press and has won numerous awards for his academic work.

About Tim’s Team

Executive Director, Health Law Institute
Robyn Hyde-Lay, MA

Assistant Professor

Ubaka Ogbogu, LLB, LLM, SJD

uogbogu (at) ualberta (dot) ca

Twitter: @ubakaogbogu

Ubaka Ogbogu is an Assistant Professor cross-appointed to the Faculties of Law and Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences. He teaches and researches in the areas of health law and science policy studies, law and bioethics, legal history of science/medicine, pharmacy law and ethics, and the law of torts. He previously taught at the Universities of Nigeria, York and Minnesota, and his academic publications have appeared in numerous law and science journals, including the Health Law Journal, Constitutional Forum, Journal of International Biotechnology Law, Medical Law International, Cell Stem Cell, Nature Biotechnology, EMBO Reports, Regenerative Medicine, Canadian Medical Association Journal, and Canadian Pharmacists Journal. Professor Ogbogu is a member of the Faculty’s Health Law Institute.


Research Associate
Kalina Kamenova, MA, PhD

Kalina Kamenova is a Research Associate with the Health Law Institute in the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta. She received her PhD in 2012 from York University’s Graduate Programme in Social and Political Thought with a dissertation titled “The Public Communication and Biopolitics of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research in the United States and the European Union.” Dr. Kamenova also holds Master’s degrees in Comparative Literature, Gender Studies, and Cultural Studies. In 2012-2013 she held a Post-Doctoral appointment as the Inaugural Research Director of the newly established Centre for Public Involvement at the University of Alberta and was appointed as Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Extension. Her research interests are interdisciplinary and include deliberative democracy and participatory governance, public engagement with science and technology, science communication, comparative science policy, and conceptual, ethical and legal issues related to new and emerging biomedical technologies. Prior to her appointment at the University of Alberta, Dr. Kamenova taught courses in the sociology of scientific controversies and scientific and technical communication at York University and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Her recent published work can be found in the Canadian Parliamentary Review, the American Journal of Bioethics, and the AJOB: Neuroscience.

Research Associate
Maeghan Toews, BA, JD

Maeghan Toews is a Research Associate with the Health Law Institute in the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta. She received an LLM in 2013 from Leiden University’s Advanced Master’s Programme in Public International Law, where she studied international public health issues, such as the availability of HIV/AIDS medications in Africa and the regulation of health and safety standards in the international trade regime under the WTO. She also served as an Associate Editor of the Leiden Journal of International Law.  Maeghan also holds a BA in international studies from the University of Western Ontario and a JD from the University of Toronto, where she studied public health law and policy as well as sexual and reproductive health law, and researched topics such as the right the life, the use of personal health information for health technology assessments, and the implications of genetic testing in the context of paternity fraud.

Following the completion of her JD, Maeghan practiced commercial litigation and insurance defence at national and regional law firms, gaining experience with the Alberta healthcare system, including the Province’s privacy legislation and regulatory frameworks, such as AISH, the Alberta Workers’ Compensation Board, and Section B of the Alberta Standard Automobile Policy.