David Castle

Castle, David

Theme Leader
David Castle, PhD
Chair of Innovation in the Life Sciences
Director, MSc BIG Programme
ESRC Innogen Centre
University of Edinburgh
High School Yards
Edinburgh EH1 1LZ
Phone: +44-0131-650-2449 / +44-0131-650-9113
Fax: +44-131-651-4278

VALGEN http://www.valgen.ca
MScBIG http://www.sps.ed.ac.uk/gradschool/taught_masters/h_n/msc_management_bioeconomy_innovation_governance>

Prof. David Castle’s interests include innovation in the life sciences and social aspects of biotechnology. His research focuses on the interaction between science and society, including democratic engagement, regulation and governance, and intellectual property and knowledge management. He has published dozens of peer-reviewed articles and book chapters and several books on the social dimensions of science, technology and innovation. Castle has held several major research awards, and has considerable experience leading strategic research initiatives and research project management. In addition, he has consulted widely to government and industry on issues such as the impact of national technology transfer policies and programs, intellectual property strategies for the health research and development, and the role of non-scientific considerations in the regulation of science and technology.